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Producers offered SURE benefits PDF Print E-mail

Assistance under SURE is available for NAP (Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program) coverable or insurable crop losses on the following:  Prevented planted acreage, reduced production of planted acreage, reduced quality on certain crops, and value loss crops including, but not limited to, nursery and aquaculture.

Eligible participants may receive SURE benefits in addition to the following:  Payments received under NAP, crop insurance indemnities received under the Federal Crop Insurance Act, and emergency loans made available under Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act, Subtitle C.

A qualifying loss is at least one crop of economic significance with a 10 percent production loss because of a natural disaster.  

The 10 percent threshold is determined by comparing the actual production on the SURE farm attributed to normal production for the crop.  

In addition, the producer must have either of the following:  1) a portion of the SURE farm located in a natural disaster county designated by the Secretary, including contiguous counties and 2) an overall loss greater than 50 percent of the actual production on the farm compared to expected revenue for the farm for that crop year.

SURE assistance is available for crop losses incurred in the crop years 2008 through Sept. 30, 2011, because of a disaster.  The crop year for specific commodities is defined by RMA or NAP.  SURE assistance is calculated in an amount equal to 60 percent of the difference between the SURE guarantee and total farm revenue.

According to The Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008, basic requirements for RMPR (Risk Management Purchase Requirement) are that for a producer to be eligible for assistance under SURE the MUST do the following for:  

• insurable commodities, obtain a policy or plan of insurance for each crop, type and IU on the farm.

• each noninsurable commodity by crop, type, and IU on the farm, file the required paperwork and pay the administrative fee by the applicable State application closing date for NAP.  Forage crops intended for grazing are excluded from this requirement.   

Sign up for the SURE Program for 2008 crop losses began Jan.4 and at this time an ending date has not been established.

Please continue to call the office for appointments to sign-up for the SURE program, DCP/ACRE program and to report your wheat plantings.  

Our phone number is 308-352-4747, press 2.  Thank you.