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Christensen bills raising some eyebrows in Lincoln PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin

The Imperial Republican

Senator Mark Christensen of  Imperial hasn’t even gotten all the bills he plans to introduce in the hopper yet but those he has dropped in so far are creating a stir and raising eyebrows. 

LB 889, his version of the “Make My Day” law, has already drawn the interest of news outlets in Lincoln. 

The bill would allow people to use deadly force in their homes, cars and businesses to protect themselves from a violent attack or intrusion that could lead to violent attack. 

The bill is based on the Castle Doctrine and is often referred to as the “Make My Day Law.”

Christensen said he has already been interviewed several times about his new bill. 

More than half the states already have a similar law.

Occupation Tax Fix

Christensen’s efforts to clear up language in the LB 701 occupation tax hit the hopper Monday.

LB 862 would allow natural resources districts (NRDs) across the state that require mandatory irrigation metering to assess a per-acre occupation tax to help with compact compliance activities. 

Christensen said he has gotten or received good support for the bill so far. 

He said it’s possible the bill could be amended later to allow fully- and over-appropriated river basins the right to use the occupation tax.

Right now, the constitutionality of the occupation tax is being considered by  a Lancaster County District Court judge. Water officials hope the ruling comes soon. 

Other bills waiting for introduction include one creating a procedure for repaying LB 701 property taxes that were declared unconstitutional. 

He will also introduce a bill to cancel the $8.7 million loan made by the state to Republican Basin NRDs to pay for surface water purchases. 

With the dire economic condition of the state, Christensen doubts the bill will get very far.

Another bill waiting introduction would allow trucks carrying cattle to market a 2 percent overage on legal weight.

His bill to set up requirements for the director of the state patrol has already been introduced, LB 753.