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Plainsmen wrestlers participate in Sutherland Invitational Saturday PDF Print E-mail

The Perkins County wrestling team was among the 20 teams in attendance at the Sutherland Invitational Saturday, Dec. 19. 

The Plainsmen finished in 12th place with a score of 53. Two team members, Kyle Schulze and Riley Kosmicki, brought home silver medals.

First place team was Southwest with 133 points, second went to Rawlins County, Kan., who scored 126.5 and third was Medicine Valley with 119.5.

Other team placings were Sumner-Eddyville-Miller fourth,  118.5; Maxwell fifth, 107.5, Monarch sixth, 81.7; Anselmo-Merna seventh, 77; Arapahoe eighth, 73; Sutherland ninth, 63; Franklin 10th, 62; Garden County 11th, 56; Hershey 13th, 44; Unattached 14th, 33.5; Sandhills-Thedford 15th, 32; Dundy County-Stratton 16th, 28; Banner County 17th, 24; Arnold-Callaway 18th, 17; Ogallala JV 19th, 10; and McPherson County 20th, 0.

Individual Results

Austin Thelander (103 lb.) 0-2; pinned by Fields, Sandhills/Thedford; lost Strickland, Maxwell.

Rassel Hausman (119 lb.) 1-2; pinned by Fox, Dundy County-Stratton; pinned Osbon, Maxwell; lost 13-4 Butler, Monarch Colo.

Trey Johnson (125 lb.) pinned by Detriech, Med Valley; pinned by Simon of Rawlins Co.

Kyle Schulze (130 lb.) 2-1, second place, won 12-0 Henderson, Sutherland; pinned Weisman, Hershey; lost 10-5 Eacker, Sumner/Eddyville/Miller.

Christian Miyamoto (140 lb.) won 9-2 Tolle, Maxwell; lost 9-3 Downey, Dundy County-Stratton; pinned by Harner, Ogallala.

Mark Hanson (145 lb.) 1-2, pinned by Lehmkuhler, Arnold/Calloway; pinned by Swicki, Monarch, Colo.

Riley Kosmicki (152 lb.)  3-1, second place, pinned Smith, Sutherland; pinned Rush, Anselmo/Merna; won 7-1, Olsen, Banner Co.; lost 5-1 Davis, Franklin.

John Prante (171 lb.) 0-2, pinned by Aspenleiter, Med. Valley; lost 7-1 Steffes, Hershey.

Markus Wehrmann (171 lb. JV) 0-2, pinned by Davis, Garden Co.; pinned by Gage, Maxwell.

Garrett Patten (189 lb.) 0-2, pinned by Romeo, Med. Valley; lost 10-7, Klassmeyer, Hershey.

Vinny Ross (215 lb.) 3-2, pinned Neel, Southwest; pinned by Crouch, Anselmo/Merna; pinned Ortega, Arapahoe; won 4-1 Taylor, Med. Valley (OT); pinned by Gamble of Maxwell.

Ty Summers (215 lb. JV) 0-2, pinned by Gamble of Maxwell; pinned by Ortega of Arapahoe.

Ethan Behrends (285 lb.) 0-2, pinned by Helms of Arapahoe; pinned by Miller of Maxwell.

Next Action

After the holiday break, the wrestling season will resume with an invitational at Garden County, Saturday, Jan. 9 beginning at 9 a.m.