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Welcome to my world, Preslin Lorelle Lutz PDF Print E-mail

What better way to anticipate celebration of the Christ child’s birth than to celebrate the REAL birth of Preslin Lorelle Lutz.

We met our precious third grandchild Friday afternoon when we took Austin, six, and Tayvin, two, to greet their brand new sister. Such a perfect little human with a tiny nose, ears, fingers, toes and lots of dark hair. Life truly is a miracle.

Austin very confidently held the little bundle and immediately started to talk to her. 

Tayvin, on the other hand, appeared afraid. She not only had no interest in holding that baby who we’ve all been talking about, but it took some coaxing to get her to get close enough to even take a look.

As we anticipated the birth, I took the kids to the store to get some makings for little ginger bread houses. Actually graham cracker houses would be more accurate, but it gave us an activity to help decorate for the holidays and have some fun creative time.

Grandma was easy when the kids saw other treats that they wanted and Austin ended up with a box of Spiderman treats while Tayvin chose the My Little Pony version.

Austin was off to kindergarten and Tayvin came home with me so that “Mom and Dad” could head for the hospital when the time was right. She kept talking about the pony treats and we went to the library to see if we could find a My Little Pony video or books as well as some “new baby” books.

We ended up just picking out something else and she wanted to watch the “Elmo” video again and again. I was so impressed when Breanna called from the library later that day. She had rounded up a whole stack of pony and new baby books. Wow. Service with a smile.

“No,” was Tayvin’s immediate response when asked if she wanted to read a baby book. “Yes,” was her answer when approached with a pony book.

Fortunately, many of the new baby books involved animal characters so we could approach that topic after all.

Interesting. She had been sleeping with a little cuddly dog and cat. Dolls have never been her interest. It made me recall the time when I had put a little doll in her crib. She was old enough to pull herself up and she stood up and threw that doll on the floor before finally settling down to fall asleep. Hmmm.

Another time she was with me when we stopped to see relatives and she was pushing a little buggy. Later we discovered that she found some animals to ride in the buggy and the dolls were face down in the other room.

So how was this new baby going to fit into her life? Often times little girls are awed with little babies and already that wasn’t her tendency. I noticed when we went to the hospital that she kept telling her daddy, “I’m a princess.” There’s some definite psychological action in those little minds and you can understand the trauma if she thought even for a second that someone else might take over the “princess” role that she had established in the family.

Upon their first day when the whole family was “home,” Austin was thrilled to discover his first loose tooth. He was sure to share his news with Baby Preslin.

Tayvin still turned down any suggestion of holding the baby. However when her mommy gave the baby to Daddy and dropped one of the blankets, Tayvin took a big step by tossing the blanket to the baby.

That connection will grow I’m sure.

What better gift for a child than the treasure of “love.” Both Austin and Tayvin are quick to say, “I love you,” and when seeing the family together, it’s very obvious that love is real.

Congratulations, Brooke, Jeff, Austin and Tayvin on the new addition to your family. Welcome to my world, Preslin. I can’t wait to get to know you better!! I love you!