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City holds annexation hearing PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Grant City Council held a hearing on proposed annexation during their regular meting Tuesday, Nov. 10.
Thirty-seven community patrons attended the hearing to gain information, express opinions and ask questions about the proposed annexation.
City Manager Tyson McGreer gave an overall explanation of the city’s proposal, breaking down aspects of the data into slides, and answered several questions along with buffeting negative comments.
The purpose of the hearing was to get input from residents about the area proposed for annexation by the City of Grant.
McGreer presented facts, figures, examples and benefits of the proposed change to those in attendance. The hearing was opened at 7:15 p.m. and did not close until 8:55 p.m.
Data for Proposed Annexation
Valuation would increase $6,532,657 for the City of Grant which would generate actual tax dollars of $27,437.16. Those tax dollars wouuld be applied to such entities as parks and recreation programs, the airport, streets and the library.
Approximately 65 residents would be added to the population.
State aid at $151 per person would gain $9,815 per year.
Water allocation, based on the increased number of residents and the acquired acres, would increase by 62,181,250 gallons per year.
If annexation occurs, the city would see a reduction of $9,845 in water and trash services because those properties annexed would then be on the city’s residential rate.
The city would also realize an increase of approximately $5,000-$7,000 in cost of road maintenance.
An additional area outside of the original proposed map for annexation would include 137 acres to the northeast and 126 acres to the east that would generate more tax revenue an increase in water allocation of 33 million gallons.
Aid Based on Population
The city could realize a loss of between $7,000-$9,000 in proposed state aid, or a reduction of 5 percent as a result of proposed state budget cuts.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the current population of Grant is 1,083 residents, which is a loss of 142 residents.
Based on this census count, the city could see a $21,442 reduction in state aid.
Benefits to Annexed Areas
Residents whose property would be included in the annexation would see several benefits, including:
• Reduced water and trash rates by being city residents.
• Dedicated hours of police protection by being within city limits.
• Additional mosquito control during summer months.
• Potential savings on homeowners insurance.
• A plan would be put in place for city utilities.
• They would have a voice in city business.
Benefits for City of Grant
Annexation of property now outside the city limits of Grant would lead to increased water allocation for the entire population, increased valuation of property, additional population, and greater potential for economic development.
Questions and Answers
In addition to the questions listed below, patrons in attendance asked how annexation might affect their zoning or their right to bear arms and shoot wildlife on their property.
Some of the questions that have been posed to city hall include:
Q: Does the city have to provide me with utilities?
A: No. The city only has to have a plan in place within one year of how services could be put in place.
Q: How does this affect the value of my property?
A: Annexation would not affect the property value of a home or acreage.
Q: Is the city broke?
A: No, the City of Grant is not broke. The city is operating in the black with over $2 million in cash and investments. Annexing property involves many more aspects than increased tax dollars.
Q: How does this affect planning and zoning?
A: Planning and zoning regulations will remain unchanged.
Q: Who can vote on this annexation proposal?
A: The public was invited to attend a hearing to give their input and opinions about the proposed action, however, only the four members currently serving on Grant City Council may vote on the proposed annexation.
Q: How does this affect my well and septic system?
A:  Residents will not be required to shut down their private wells or septic systems.
Anyone with further questions or opinions about the city’s proposal to annex property outside the current city limits may contact the city office or any council member—Darrell Pierce, Tim Pofahl, Denny Hansen, Wayne Pick, or Mayor Mike Wyatt.