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Lady Plainsmen leave season on McCook court with loss to St. Pat’s PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn/Shari Friedel
Tribune Staff    
The season ended in the second round of districts for the Lady Plainsmen who traveled to McCook two consecutive nights, Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 2-3.
The girls advanced to second round after defeating the Dundy County/Stratton Lady Tigers in four sets, 25-22, 23-25, 25-22, 25-12.
Setting the tone for the night was Tanya Metcalf’s solo kill off an over pass from Mackenzie Hite’s serve, said Coach Penny Hite.
The girls got down 8-0 in the second set before a time out was called and the team’s leadership stepped in to remind the team that it’s now or never, said Hite. “That was really all it took.”
The girls then faced the St. Pat’s Lady Irish from North Platte, winning the first set 25-16. However, that was their final victory for the season, falling to the Irish in the subsequent three sets, 22-25, 26-28, 17-25.
“We can’t say that St. Pat’s wanted it more or we let up,” said Hite. “What I can say is two teams met tonight in McCook and after a hard fought battle, St. Pat’s will advance to the district final.”
Hite commended the team for playing with heart on the court, complimenting Candace Lee for a great job on serve receiving, passing eight for eight at 100 percent, as did Kristin Beck who had 16 of 18 on serve receive.
“I’ve never seen us pass as well as we did tonight,” said Hite.
Hite said Tanya Metcalf was the force in the front row, giving the Lady Irish “absolute fits,” as did Matisyn Humphrey.
Hite said Gabrielle Parick also did a great job getting the ball stopped or slowed down so the girls could set the ball up for attack.
Senior girls ending their high school volleyball careers with the loss to St. Pat’s include Mackenzie Hite, Jenni Sis, Leslie Burge and Candace Lee.   
“These senior girls mean a lot to me, they were just freshmen when I began my head coaching career,” said Hite. “They will be missed so much—for their leadership, passion and heart.”
“The underclassmen have incredible talent and they displayed that well tonight. I am very proud of our accomplishments and this team.”
PC vs. Dundy Co.
25-22, 23-25, 25-22, 25-12
Kills: T. Metcalf 10, J. Sis 8, J. Day 8, M. Humphrey 8, G. Patrick 6, T. Osler 3, L. Burge 1, M. Hite 1. Blocks: G. Patrick 16 (3 ace), T. Metcalf 8 (1 ace), M. Humphrey 5, J. Sis 4, M. Hite 3 (1 ace), J. Day 2, T. Osler 1. Set assists: M. Hite 36, J. Sis 2, J. Day 1, T. Metcalf 1. Ace serves: M. Hite 4, T. Metcalf 2, J. Day 1, C. Lee 1. Defensive digs: M. Hite 12, J. Day 9, J. Sis 7, L. Burge 7, T. Metcalf 5, C. Lee 5, M. Humphrey 2.
25-16, 22-25, 26-28, 17-25
Kills: T. Metcalf 12, M. Humphrey 8, J. Sis 7, J. Day 6, G. Patrick 5, M. Hite 2, T. Osler 2.
Blocks: T. Metcalf 29 (7 ace), G. Patrick 27 (4 ace), M. Humphrey 8 (3 ace), J. Day 6 (2 ace), J. Sis 4 (1 ace), M. Hite 2 ace, T. Osler 1, L. Burge 1.
Set assists: M. Hite 32, J. Sis 5, J. Day 3. Ace serves: M. Hite 3, T. Metcalf 2, J. Sis 1. Defensive digs: M. Hite 11, J. Sis 7, K. Beck 5, J. Day 5, L. Burge 5, T. Metcalf 4, C. Lee 3.