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Third exchange student joins PCHS PDF Print E-mail

Joe Craig
Student Intern
The third foreign exchange student brings his rhythmic beat to the halls of PCS.  After some delay Dilashad Khalaf arrives, coming to us from a city in Denmark with around 500,000 people.  
Like the two students that came before him he has also noticed how outgoing and friendly the Americans are.  
Dilashad is looking forward to meeting new people and finding challenges America has to offer.  He was placed in Nebraska through YFU the same program the other two are in.   
Dilashad’s family back home celebrates the same tradition such as Christmas.  His parents are currently unemployed. His oldest sister is in high school as well, while the remainder of his siblings are  in grade school.  
Dilashad enjoys listening to a variety of music as long as it has a good beat to it, but Dilashad doesn’t just listen, he break dances.  He’s been doing that for several years now and hopes to one day become a competitive dancer and wishes to continue dancing for a long time to come.  
He will be staying with John and Cassie Lyons who also hosts Markus Wehrmann.
Dilashad is fitting right in with the students and American life.  If you happen to see him you might want to stop and welcome him to Grant.