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PCS juniors 100 percent proficient in three of four state standard assessments PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor

The recently released State of the Schools Report by the Nebraska Department of Education ranks Perkins County students as proficient at several grade levels.
Perkins County High School juniors ranked 100 percent proficient in the 2008-09 assessments of reading, writing, mathematics and science.
The report shows all students statewide are 89 to 93 percent proficient on the state standards which included grades three through eight, and the 11th grade.
Reading Standards
The 11th grade class scored 100 percent proficient in reading, the same score as the previous 2007-08 standards.
Grades three, four and six showed an improvement in reading standards, while grades five and seen showed a slight decline.
Third graders scored 88.24 percent proficient compared to 65.38 in the previous standards.
Fourth grade had a 5.74 percent higher score in 2008-09 of 84 percent compared to 78.26 previously.
Fifth graders showed a decrease in the standards from 66.67 percent in 2007-08 to 61.90 percent in the recent 2008-09 assessment.
Sixth grade showed an improvement in proficiency of 88 percent compared to a previous score of 83.78 percent.
Seventh grade has a very slight decline in score, ranking at 75 percent compared to 76 percent previously.
Eighth graders also ranked lower in the 2008-09 standards, scoring 96.43 percent which is slightly down from the 100 percent score in the previous standards.
Writing Standards
Grades four, eight and 11 took the statewide writing assessments, with both the eighth and 11th graders at 100 percent proficient on the recent report as well as on the previous report in 2007-08.
Fourth graders scored slightly lower on the 2008-09 assessments at 88 percent compared to 91.30 percent in 2007-08.

Math Standards
Four of the seven grades that took math assessments showed an increase in the proficiency standard.
The students include: Third grade: 88.24 percent which is up 22.86 percent from 2007-08; fourth graders scored 100 percent proficient compared to 95.65 previously; fifth graders increased their proficiency score from 55.56 percent to 71.43 percent on the recent report; and sixth graders showed an increase in proficiency from 67.57 percent in 2007-08 to a score of 72 percent on the 2008-09 report.
Grades seven, eight and 11 showed a slight decline in their proficiency score.
Grade 7: Down 1.89 percent from 88 to 86.11 percent.
Grade 8: Down 7.14 percent from 82.14 percent proficiency in 2007-08 to 75 percent in the 2008-09 standards.
Grade 11: Students ranked 100 percent proficient in 2007-08 and showed a downward change to 97.06 percent in the recent report.
Science Standards
Three grades took the state’s science assessments—fifth, eighth and 11th.
Grades eight and 11 scored 100 percent proficient both on the latest report as well as on the previous report in 2007-08.
Fifth graders scored 80.95 percent proficient in the 2008-09 standards which is 15.35 percent below the 2007-08 standard of 96.30 percent.