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Resident fears country’s future PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
President Obama and Congress have passed several bills that I am aware of. One was the over-inflated budget bill. He also bailed out the car companies (labor unions).
He signed the “so-called” stimulus bill which really wasn’t a stimulus bill but a pork filled wish list from congressmen with earmarks galore. Mr. Obama and V.P. Biden promised that there would be no more of that.
Some economists are saying that the economy is starting to recover. If this is true, it goes to show that the stimulus wasn’t really needed since only about 15 percent of it has been used thus far. Of course, they are trying to claim that it’s working.
And then there’s the health care bill. Whether it’s called government option a coop or whatever name they try to cover it up with, it still means government control.
The cap and trade or cap and tax bill is stalled somewhere in Congress. This bill will create undue hardship on companies unable to readily convert over to alternative energy sources. Of course these expenses will be passed on down to consumers.
They will also have to streamline their operations by cutting employment numbers. This, of course, will cause a loss of millions of jobs that won’t be replaced by green jobs. We would all like to have a clean planet, but without developing countries participating it will have little impact. It will have a devastating impact on our already weak economy. Also the global warming theory is just that. A theory!
The liberal White House and Congress have an ideology that things should be a certain way and don’t seem to care how it affects our economy or what our country ends up being. They will say and sugarcoat anything to get people to go along with it.
I have never seen a president with more radical and unsavory characters in his life.
I believe the actions of these liberals could very well lead this county into high deficits, high inflation, high interest rates and a stagnant economy for years to come.
I have been through several general recessions and severe cattle price cycles, but I have never been more afraid of where our economy and our country is heading than I am today. Never!
Hopefully in two and four years the political scene will change so that one party will not have complete control. They may claim that they are working with the other side, but they are not. The fact that some of their own democrats are dragging their feet on these extreme bills is evidence enough.
Rolly Coats