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Children deserve it PDF Print E-mail

Did you know that Nebraska collected $197 million in child support in federal fiscal year 2008, almost $10 million more than in 2007?  
Over $126 million of the total was collected through income withholding.
Employers and their payroll professionals all across the state play a key role in that success.
These are the people who process the income withholding for their employees.  They also report new employees, rehires or re-called employees, contractors and temporary employees to the Nebraska State Directory of New Hires within 20 days of hire.   
In these trying economic times, that timely reporting is especially critical.  
New hire reporting helps children receive the support they deserve.  It expedites collection of child support from parents who change jobs frequently, and quickly locates non-custodial parents to help establish paternity and child support orders.
The Department’s Child Support Enforcement Program helps children get financial support from both parents, helps current public assistance recipients end their reliance on welfare, and can help prevent single parents from needing public assistance.  
By working together with Nebraska’s employers, we have garnered millions of increased support dollars for children, helping make their lives more secure.
Todd Reckling, Director
Division of Children and Family Services
Department of Health and Human Services