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Ethanol boosts state’s economy PDF Print E-mail

While much of the nation is struggling to regain economic growth and employment, ethanol is strengthening Nebraska’s economy.
According to research compiled by NPPD, the ethanol industry in Nebraska has created over $3 billion in economic activity and over 3,000 jobs, when accounting for the indirect effects of the industry.
The Nebraska Ethanol Boarvd recently found through an industry survey that ethanol plants in Nebraska now have more full time employees than during 2008.
“Aside from saving drivers money at the pump, ethanol is creating new jobs and economic activity right here in Nebraska,” said Ethanol Board Chair Mike Thede. “Plants that were closed have reopened, other plants are producing at a higher rate, and that means more economic activity for Nebraska and more ethanol for the U.S.”
NPPD estimates that the ethanol industry and its indirect effects have added $2.13 million to household income and generated over $63.3 million in new tax revenues.
“Ethanol has been a boon to the drivers, farmers, and communities of Nebraska” said Ethanol Board Administrator Todd Sneller. “Ethanol proves again that it’s a cheaper, cleaner, renewable alternative to gasoline.”