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Let’s “kill the bill” PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
We have the best health care in the world. The reason we do is because of our free enterprise system compared to the more socialist countries.  
Europe and Canada send some of their patients here because they don’t have enough doctors. Some patients come here on their own because they would have to wait longer in Canada, and their condition may require quicker attention.
Quality and technology does not come cheap. Quantity of doctors and hospitals are also related to how much money they make.
There are already some doctors that won’t take Medicare patients because the governments won’t pay them the full price.
Mr. Obama’s Medicare cuts will only accelerate this. I have gone to government hospitals all my life. The Native American hospital is terrible. The V.A. is a step above that but the things in common are waiting lines and the unavailability of the more expensive medicines. One example is Celebrex for arthritis.
If we become like Canada and the U.K., where will people go for fast, quality care?
According to Mr. Obama, 47 million people are without health insurance. Whey is he including 10-12 million illegals? Some people who are eligible for Medicaid don’t apply, I’m not sure why.     A vast majority of the rest are young enough that they think they are bullet proof, or they can afford to but they would rather spend money on something they can see and feel.
The other 5 to 10 million should be eligible for Medicare and Medicaid by raising the income level to higher levels to make them eligible.
For taxpayers a tax credit could be given for purchasing health insurance. This would only be fair since employees don’t have to be taxed on their health benefits. The Democrats won’t touch this because their special interests (labor unions) wouldn’t like it.
Another thing is tort reform (frivolous lawsuits) against doctors. They won’t do that because of the millions that Democrats receive from trial lawyers.
The Republicans have tried to add amendments to the bill like “tort reform” tax credits, excluding abortion from the bill and numerous other things to cut down the cost of health insurance, but the Democrats will have no part of it.
Why change our whole health system for several million people? Eighty-two percent of people say they are happy with their health insurance now. Thirty percent of employees who are offered health insurance by their employers turn it down. They would rather have a raise and spend it on something else.
The biggest problem with this plan is that it would be done by the government. The government cannot run anything without running it into the ground.
There is not enough supervision or accountability. There is no one standing there thinking, this wasteful spending is coming directly out of my pocket. Even if there was, the government is not set up to take money back that was not spent. All they know how to do is tax and spend.
This administration and congress are doing all this because they want total control over our lives and make us dependent on them for everything so they will always receive our vote. This also insures their job.
Mr. Obama is counting on preventive medicine saving money because of less emergency treatment. This theory doesn’t hold water. There are plenty of people that won’t go in for check ups because they are young or middle age and don’t feel they need to until they are older. Another group is just lazy and irresponsible.
Going to the doctor for check ups will not prevent accidents from happening. There are intentional injuries to other people, car accidents and child accidents to just mention a few.
The reason Obama and the Democrats want to get this bill through fast is so that people won’t have time to see what is really in the bill. He has used this trick on his past bills. Also, if his popularity fades he will not be able to rush anymore bills through congress with the people just taking him at his word about the contents of the bill.
Mr. Obama continues to blame Republicans for the holdup, but they have very little power. It is his own conservative Democrats that are questioning the bill, but they will have to fall in line unless they are afraid they won’t be re-elected by their individual states.
Now they are using Senator Kennedy’s death as a reason to pass the bill. That is no reason to pass a bad bill. With Ted Kennedy’s death they are one vote shy of having enough votes to push it through, so now they are talking about changing the rules so they will only need 51 votes.
All I can say is “kill the bill.” There are better choices out there and we have the time to do it right.
Rolly Coats