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Communications and
Expressive Arts Posters

Open Theme–Red: Anna Horton, Anna Horton.

Photography Unit I

Photo Story Display–Purple: Shania Metcalf. Blue: Tanya Metcalf, Michelle Skeels.

Fun With Shadows Display–Blue: Michelle Skeels.

Magic Tricks Display–Purple: Tanya Metcalf, Michelle Skeels. Blue: Shania Metcalf.

My Favorite Other Picture–Purple: Samantha Snogren, Shania Metcalf, Tanya Metcalf, Michelle Skeels.

Photography Unit II

Composition Display–Blue: Courtney McClenahan.

Consumer & Family Science
Child Development

Toy made for Baby– Blue: Mariah Curtis.

Poster/Scrapbook made with Child–Blue: Jessica Briggs.

Growing with Others–Blue: Amanda Osler.

Sewing for Fun

Bags–Purple: Jaclyn Kurkowski.,

Pillows (stripe and patchwork)–Blue: Laura Dreiling.

Laundry Bag–Purple: Jaclyn Kurkowski. Blue: Laura Dreiling.

Pillowcase–Purple: Laura Dreiling.

Other Item–Purple: Laura Dreiling.

Clothing Level I

Other Garment–Purple: Anna Horton.

Decorate Your Duds

Embellished Garment–Purple: Amanda Osler, Lillian Fournier, State Fair.

Textile Clothing Accessory– Blue: Josie Osler.

Other Accessory–Purple: Mariah Curtis, Lillian Fournier.

Clothing Level II

Dress/Nightshirt/Lounge Wear–Purple: Samantha Snogren, Rebecca Cornelius, State Fair. Blue: Elizabeth Krajewski, Alyssa Young.

Other Garment–Purple: Jordyn Bartels, Rebecca Cornelius.

Quilt Quest

Level I Quilted Exhibit-small–Blue: Anna Horton.

Shopping In Style

Purchased Garment–Purple: Victoria Osler, State Fair, Mariah Curtis, State Fair.

Attention Shoppers!

Clothing Wardrobe Inventory–Blue: Amanda Osler, Josie Osler.

Buymanship–Purple: Amanda Osler, Josie Osler.

Money Fundamentals

Comparison Shopping–Blue: Josie Osler, Amanda Osler.

Financial Goals–Purple: Amanda Osler.

Money Moves

Game Results–Blue: Victoria Osler.

Home Building Blocks

Family Fire Drill Poster–Red: Victoria Osler.

Wind Chime–Blue: Josie Osler.

Design Decisions

Framed Exhibit–Purple: Victoria Osler, State Fair, Calla Mailand. Blue: Brady Mailand.

Wall Hanging-living/dining-2 or 3 Dimensional–Purple: Calla Mailand, State Fair.

Wall Hanging-bedroom-2 or 3 dimensional–Purple: McKinley Fuchs.

Dimensional Surface Accessory/bedroom–Blue: McKinley Fuchs.

Recycled or Remade for the home–Purple: Victoria Osler, State Fair.

Sketchbook Crossroads

Original Ink Drawing–Blue: Calla Mailand.

Home Accessory-clay–Purple: Calla Mailand. Blue: Amanda Osler.

Portfolio Pathways

Original Watercolor Painting–Purple: Calla Mailand.

Home Accessory-any printing technique–Purple: Brady Mailand, Calla Mailand, State Fair.


Paper Craft–Purple: Calla Mailand.

Fashion Show

Clothing Level 2–Purple: Samantha Snogren, Rebecca Cornelius, State Fair Rebecca Cornelius. Blue: Elizabeth Krajewski, Alyssa Young.

Sewing for Fun

Bag–Purple: Jaclyn Kurkowski.

Pillow–Purple: Laura Dreiling.

Laundry Bag–Purple: Laura Dreiling, Jaclyn Kurkowski.

Pillow case–Blue: Laura Dreiling.

Other Garment

Decorate Your Duds (embellished garment with original design–Purple: Lillian Fournier.

Shopping In Style
Fashion Revue

Model Purchased Outfit–Purple: Mariah Curtis, State Fair.

Environmental and Earth
Tree Identify

Design Your Own Exhibit–Purple: Brady Mailand, State Fair.

Lifestyle Ed
Youth In Motion

Activity Bag–Blue: Kimberly Cook, State Fair.

Road to Good Cooking

Oatmeal Cookies–Purple: Brenden Pankonin.

Six Easy Bites

Cookies–Purple: Courtney McClenahan, Mariah Curtis, Sydney Kennicutt, Jaclyn Kurkowski, Katheryn Patrick, Rachel Patrick, Kayla Woodmancy State Fair, Peyton Woodmancy. Blue: Tanya Metcalf.

Muffins–Purple: Sydney Kennicutt, Zak Kurkowski State Fair. Blue: Shania Metcalf.

Fast Foods

Recipe File–Purple Shania Metcalf, State Fair.

Tasty Tidbits

Creative Mixes–Purple: Josie Osler, Rebecca Cornelius, State Fair.

Biscuits–Purple: Josie Osler, State Fair.

Foam Cake–Purple: Mariah Curtis, State Fair.

You’re the Chef

Quick Bread–Blue: Samantha Snogren, Elizabeth Krajewski.

Dinner Rolls–Purple: Amanda Osler, Kaylyn Hahn, State Fair.


Specialty Bread–Purple: Victoria Osler, State Fair.


Bachelor Buttons–Purple: Gabrielle Patrick, State Fair. Blue: Katheryn Patrick.

Dianthus–Purple: Katheryn Patrick, State Fair.

Hollyhock–Blue: Courtney McClenahan.

Pansy–Purple: Courtney McClenahan.

Petunia– Purple: Samantha Snogren, State Fair. Blue: Katheryn Patrick.

Snapdragon–Purple: Samantha Snogren.

Zinnia–Purple: Michelle Skeels.

Other Annual/Biennial–Purple: Samantha Snogren, State Fair.

Coreopsis–Purple: Gabrielle Patrick, State Fair. Blue: Katheryn Patrick.

Gaillardia–Purple: Gabrielle Patrick.

Sedum–Purple: Katheryn Patrick.

Foliage Potted Plant–Purple: Calla Mailand, State Fair.

Desert Garden–Purple: Tanya Metcalf, State Fair.


Snap Beans–Purple: Janet Kuskie, State Fair, Jeannie Kuskie. Blue: Michelle Skeels.

Beets–Purple: Jeannie Kuskie. Red: Janet Kuskie.

Pickling Cucumbers–Purple: Jeannie Kuskie.

Yellow Onions–Purple: Michelle Skeels, State Fair. Blue: Janet Kuskie, Jeannie Kuskie.

Red Onions–Purple: Janet Kuskie.

Sweet (non-bell) Peppers–Purple: Michelle Skeels, State Fair.

Green Summer Squash–Red: Jeannie Kuskie.

Turnips–Blue: Janet Kuskie. Red: Jeannie Kuskie.

Mint–Blue: Samantha Snogren.

Thyme–Purple: Samantha Snogren, State Fair.

Any Other Herb–Purple: Samantha Snogren, State Fair.

Science and Technology

Rocket-Skill level 2–Purple: Jaclyn Kurkowski, State Fair.

Rocket/Skill level 3–Purple: Zak Kurkowski, State Fair.

Rocket/Wooden Fins–Level 3–Purple: Brady Mailand, State Fair.


Electronic Display–Purple: Brady Mailand, State Fair.

Control the Flow–Blue: Zak Kurkowski.

Wood Science

Woodworking Article-Unit I–Purple: Jaclyn Kurkowski.


Beets–Blue: Edith Hartwell,

Green cabbage–Purple: Edith Hartwell.

Long carrots–Purple: Edith Hartwell.

Slicing cucumbers–Purple: Edith Hartwell.

Yellow onions–Blue: Danielle Burge.

White potatoes–Purple: Edith Hartwell.

Red potatoes–Purple: Danielle Burge.

Russet potatoes–Blue: Danielle Burge.

Rhubarb–Purple: Edith Hartwell.

Salad tomatoes–Purple: Becky Cooley, Edith Hartwell.

Turnips–Purple: Norma Jean Kuskie.

Other vegetables–Blue: Edith Hartwell, Edith Hartwell.

Dress a Vegetable–Purple: Mallory McClenahan, Alyssa Rosentrater, Natalie Rosentrator, Juliana Rosentrator.

Floral Arrangements

By Gone Memories–Purple: Brenden Pankonin. Blue: Kay Cheney. Red: Karen Payne.

Sticks and Stones–Purple: Diana Pankonin, Karen Payne.

Japanese Exotic–Purple: Karen Payne. Blue: Kay Cheney.

Tall and Slender, Gracious Green–Purple: Tabbatha Cornelius, Diana Pankonin. Blue: Karen Payne.

Big, Bold and Beautiful–Purple: Reenie Mercier. Blue: Shannon Jensen, Diana Pankonin, Diana Pankonin.

Round About–Purple: Karen Payne. Red: Diana Pankonin.

Terrific Triangle–Purple: Diana Pankonin. Blue: Alicia Patrick, Karen Payne.

Flower Follies–Purple: Diana Pankonin. Red: Diana Pankonin.

Tiny Treasures–Purple: Donna Brodbeck. Blue: Shannon Jensen, Reenie Mercier.

Small But Mighty–Purple: Donna Brodbeck. Blue: Kay Cheney, Pat Wilson.

Tea Time Table Arrangement–Purple: Pat Wilson. Blue: Reenie Mercier.

Massive And Major–Purple: Alicia Patrick.

Bloomin Buckets–Purple: Hailey Snyder, Erik Snyder, Karen Lee. Blue: Reenie Mercier.

Flower Power–Purple: Katheryn Patrick, Katheryn Patrick, Peyton Woodmancy.

Pushing Posies–Purple: Jacob Woodmancy. Blue: Katheryn Patrick.

General Floral

Achillea Millefolium–Purple: Marcia Swan. Red: Marcia Swan.

Black-eyed Susan redbeckia–Purple: Marcia Swan.

Chrysanthemum, cushion–Blue: Marcia Swan. Red: Donna Brodbeck, Marcia Swan.

Coneflower–Purple: Marcia Swan.

Daisy, single-white–Blue: Danielle Dahlkoetter, Marcia Swan.

Daisy, gerbera–Purple: Matthew Hahn.

Delphinium, giant Pacific–Purple: Marcia Swan.

Dianthus, single–Purple: Matthew Hahn.

Feverfew–Blue: Marcia Swan.

Gaillardia, perennial–Purple: Seynabou Magee.

Geranium–Purple: Donna Brodbeck, Edith Hartwell. Blue: Donna Brodbeck, Edith Hartwell, Edith Hartwell, Edith Hartwell, Edith Hartwell.

Hen and Chicks–Purple: Edith Hartwell. Blue: Donna Brodbeck.

Hollyhock–Purple: Edith Hartwell, Shannon Jensen.

Impatiens, single–Purple: Donna Brodbeck.

Lantana–Purple: Marcia Swan.

Liatris–Purple: Marcia Swan. Red: Marcia Swan.

Marigold, small double–Purple: Donna Brodbeck.

Marigold, medium–Purple: Donna Brodbeck.

Pansy, large–Purple: Seynabou Magee, Edith Hartwell. Blue: Seynabou Magee.

Petunia, single–Purple: Edith Hartwell. Blue: Matthew Hahn.

Petunia, double–Purple: Edith Hartwell.

Salvia, annual–Red: Edith Hartwell.

Sedum, small–Blue: Donna Brodbeck.

Snapdragon, dwarf–Purple: Donna Brodbeck. Blue: Edith Hartwell.

Viola–Purple: Seynabou Magee, Seynabou Magee. Red: Seynabou Magee.

Zinnia, Old Mexico–Blue: Gerry Pankonin.

Any other flower not mentioned-small–Purple: Donna Brodbeck, Marcia Swan. Blue: Donna Brodbeck, Donna Brodbeck, Donna Brodbeck. Red: Donna Brodbeck, Marcia Swan.

Any other flower not mentioned-large–Blue: Shannon Jensen, Marcia Swan, Marcia Swan. Red: Marcia Swan.


Hybrid tea–Purple: Seynabou Magee, Seynabou Magee, Edith Hartwell. Blue: Seynabou Magee, Seynabou Magee, Marcia Swan. Red: Seynabou Magee,

Floribunda–Blue: Edith Hartwell.

Grandiflora–Purple: Seynabou Magee.

Miniature–Purple: Seynabou Magee, Marcia Swan. Blue: Marcia Swan, Marcia Swan, Marcia Swan, Marcia Swan. Red: Marcia Swan.


Canna, dwarf–Purple: Ronda Lawyer. Blue: Marcia Swan.

Dahlia, small–Purple: Edith Hartwell.

Dahlia, medium–Purple: Marcia Swan. Blue: Marcia Swan.

Dahlia, cactus-small–Red: Marcia Swan, Marcia Swan.

Gladiolus–Purple: Marcia Swan, Marcia Swan, Pat Wilson, Pat Wilson, Pat Wilson.

Lily–Purple: Seynabou Magee, Marcia Swan. Blue: Marcia Swan, Marcia Swan, Marcia Swan. Red: Edith Hartwell.

Shrubs & Trees

Berries shrub–Purple: Donna Brodbeck.

Flowering shrub–Blue: Donna Brodbeck, Alicia Patrick.

Any other bush–Purple: Donna Brodbeck.


Any number of houseplants, different types–Purple: Diana Pankonin, Diana Pankonin, Diana Pankonin, Michelle Snyder. Blue: Reenie Mercier, Diana Pankonin, Diana Pankonin, Diana Pankonin, Diana Pankonin. Red: Diana Pankonin, Diana Pankonin.

Herbs & Miscellaneous

Any exhibit not mentioned above–Blue: Reenie Mercier, Pat Wilson.

Canning Ball-Kerr

Fruit–1st place–Kathleen Deaver

Vegetables–1st place Kathleen Deaver; 2nd place–Kathleen Deaver.

Pickled–1st place Jean Gregg; 2nd place–David Deaver.

Spreads-1st place Kathleen Deaver; 2nd place–Kathleen Deaver.

County needlework–Judy Hilferty.

County photography–Becky Cooley.

Bread and Rolls

Coffee cake–Purple: Brandie Ross.

Zucchini bread–Purple: Cynthia Dahlkoetter.

Muffins–Blue: Alexa Noyes.


Children’s party cake (decorated)–Blue: Alyssa Rosentrater.


Brownies–Purple: Cynthia Dahlkoetter.

Drop cookies–Blue: Joy Howerter.

Chocolate chip–Purple: Cynthia Dahlkoetter, Alexis Lacy, Jessie Woodmancy. Blue: Alexa Noyes. Red: Natalie Rosentrater.

Peanut butter–Purple: Alyssa Rosentrater.

Chocolate–Blue: Joy Howerter.

Sugar–Purple: Nancy Burge.

Springerle–Purple: Cynthia Dahlkoetter.

Other–Purple: Reenie Mercier. Blue: Joy Howerter.


Cherry–Purple: Cynthia Dahlkoetter.


Other–Purple: Purple: Alyssa Rosentrater.

Canned Fruits and Vegetables

Peaches, halved–Blue: Kathleen Deaver.

Pears–Blue: Kathleen Deaver.

Green beans, cut–Purple: Kathleen Deaver.

Carrots, cut–Blue: Kathleen Deaver.

Tomatoes, whole–Purple: Kathleen Deaver.

Jellies, Jams, Conserves, Preserves, Marmalades and Butters

Apple or crab apple (jelly)–Blue: Kathleen Deaver.

Plum (jelly)–Blue: Kathleen Deaver.

Other (jelly)–Blue: Kathleen Deaver.

Peach (jam)–Purple: Kathleen Deaver.

Raspberry (jam)–Blue: Kathleen Deaver.

Strawberry (jam)–Purple: Kathleen Deaver. Red: Juliana Rosentrater.

Other (jam)–Purple: Kathleen Deaver. Blue: Kathleen Deaver.

Apple (butter)–Purple: Kathleen Deaver.

Pickles and Relishes

Beet, cut–Purple: David Deaver, Jean Gregg.

Beet, whole–Red: Jean Gregg.

Bread/butter–Purple: Kathleen Deaver.

Dill, whole–Blue: Kathleen Deaver, Jean Gregg.

Dill, sliced–Blue: Jean Gregg.

Miscellaneous Canned Goods

Tomato sauce/paste–Purple: Kathleen Deaver.


Embroidered–Purple: Gerry Pankonin.

Quilt Block Challenge-Single Block–Purple: Judy Hilferty.

Quilt Block Challenge-Other–Blue: Reenie Mercier.


Tea towel set (plain)–Blue: Kathleen Deaver.

Pillowcases-2 (solid)–Blue: Kathleen Deaver.


Sweater–Purple: Gertrude Hundhausen.


Ink–Blue: Alyssa Rosentrater.

Hand tooled–Purple: Alyssa Rosentrater.

Acrylic–Blue: Reenie Mercier. Red: Alyssa Rosentrater.

Other–Purple: Becky Cooley, Becky Cooley, Becky Cooley, Reenie Mercier.


Dress–Red: Laura Dreiling.

Other–Purple: Rebecca Cornelius, Tabbatha Cornelius.

Arts and Crafts

Wooden article–Purple: Brady Mailand.

Any other handcrafted article–Purple: Charles Johnson, Mercier, Reenie.

Truck or trailer type–Blue: Brady Mailand.

Customized standard bodies–Blue: Matthew Aerni, Brady Mailand.

Racers–Blue: Coy Aerni.

Novelties and others–Purple: Coy Aerni. Blue: Matthew Aerni, Jaclyn Kurkowski.


Scenery–Purple: Becky Cooley, Carlie Waitley. Blue: Reenie Mercier, Calla Mailand. Red: Mike Barkley.

Human interest–Purple: Reenie Mercier, Becky Cooley, Becky Cooley, Becky Cooley, Dennis Dahlkoetter. Blue: Steph Burge, Mike Barkley. Red: Julie Burge, Leslie Burge, Nancy Burge, Wayne Burge, Debbie Barkley, Mike Barkley, Mike Barkley, Calla Mailand, Charles McGraw, Alyssa Rosentrater.

Still life–Purple:Becky Cooley, Becky Cooley, Dennis Dahlkoetter, Karen Lee. Blue–Charles McGraw, Reenie Mercier. Red: Nancy Burge, Steph Burge, Alyssa Rosentrater.

Animals–Purple: Dan Farnham, Becky Cooley, Brady Mailand. Red: Reenie Mercier, Debbie Barkley, Brian Krajewski, Elizabeth Krajewski, Alyssa Rosentrater.

Scrapbook Album–Red: Alyssa Rosentrater.

Scrapbook 2 page Layout–Purple: Becky Cooley.

Scrapbook 1 page Layout–Purple: Becky Cooley. Red: Mallory McClenahan.

Scrapbook Other Technique–Purple: Becky Cooley.