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The real purpose of 4-H livestock projects PDF Print E-mail

One purpose of 4-H livestock projects is to teach young people how to care for, properly feed, groom and show their animals as well as understand the interaction and value of animals to human life.

Another important purpose is to provide an opportunity for personal growth and development of the young person through responsibility, critical thinking and communications skills.

The Josephson Institute for Ethics has developed a curriculum that identifies six core values. The character traits identified are as follows:

• Trustworthiness—includes honesty, integrity, promise keeping and loyalty. This is achieved through the daily feeding and watering of animals, adhering to possession/ownership deadlines and appropriate use of approved animal drugs.

• Respect—courtesy and proper treatment of people and things by caring for animals daily. • Responsibility—the pursuit of excellence, accountability and perseverence by handling and caring for animals.

• Fairness—adhering to show rules and standards, and accepting the win or loss with humility.

• Caring—promoting the well being of people and things by treating animals humanely and teaching and working with younger 4-H members.

• Citizenship—making the home, community, county and country a better place to live for themselves and others.

Randall Saner
Extension Educator
Lincoln-McPherson counties