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Learning patience PDF Print E-mail

Back about a month ago my column ended with my Mom and Dad’s birthday party for me. That party plumb tuckered me out.
I’m getting so big I know what I want and when I want it! Mom and Dad and I are not always on the same time schedule. Sometimes they tell me “just a minute.” About two of those responses and I tend to get real unhappy. I want what I want now, not in just a minute.
So, I cry, yell, and stomp my feet. I get response all right—not always the kind I want, however.
God said, “One day little one we need to talk. You can understand more now so I must tell you some things. I made you to be an independent person, but you are still so young you need a lot of practice on how to work with other people. You can make your own choices, but as you have found out a few times your choices of how to act were not always good ones.”
And on that note, sour as it is, I gotta leave you now, but never fear, l shall return next month, God willing, Jo.